Accord – more screeching, back at the Honda dealership

I took my 2013 Honda Accord into the shop about two weeks ago to fix the screeching noise coming from one of my wheels when I would turn, it ended up being caused by a brake pad retainer clip rubbing against the rotor (I blogged about this in a previous post).

Well, a few days afterwards the noise returned with a vengeance, I can’t tell for sure if it’s coming from the same wheel or not. It’s worse because it now happens more frequently and will make noise even when slightly veering to the left, where as before I would have to turn the wheel farther to basically make a left turn.

So, I scheduled an appointment to come in at 8am Saturday, I received a reminder email yesterday (Friday) for my appointment today. I get to the dealership and they say I’m not showing up on the list of scheduled appointments. The service advisor says they have a full load today, but they’ll squeeze me in, but it will probably be a little longer.

So far this is not looking like it’s going to be a good experience.

Oh yeah, an update on the radio – it still seems more responsive and I have yet to have the strange static issues that I experienced and no complete lockups where the car had to be shut off.

My biggest issue with the stereo now is the HondaLink Aha functionality. I actually stopped using it a few weeks ago because it was so bad. To be completely honest, it downright sucks.

Well, an updated version of the iPhone HondaLink app was available for download so I figured I’d try again. I’ve been using it for the last couple days, it’s better, but still buggy as hell. I am impressed with the sound quality when it actually works. I consistently have issues when the interface will be stuck at loading and I have to shut off the radio and kill teh HondaLink app. The touch screen interface for Aha has become unresponsive at times – it will allow me to flip to another source, but not allow me to control Aha without turning off the stereo. I also had a very strange issue where I hit the next button on the steering wheel to go to the next track (normal activity), and for some reason it started to skip maybe every 15 seconds or so to a new track (had to power the radio off and back on to fix). I also noticed that the display that shows the artist, song name, etc. was stuck on a previous song and was not updating with what was currently playing.

I REALLY WANT to like the HondaLink Aha app, the sound quality and songs are great, but all of that is overshadowed by inconsistent operation and functionality issues. If Honda can get these annoying bugs resolved, it could very well be my primary music source.

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