Review of Valeo 600 Series Wiper Blades

I ended up replacing the stock wiper blades on my 2013 Honda Accord with a pair of Goodyear Assurance flexible blades within a month or two of owning the car.

This was in an effort to fix a disturbing issue that occurs when the driver’s side wiper goes back down, it pulls water about 4-6 inches back towards the field of view. It didn’t get any better with changing the wiper blades.

Anyway, we’ve been having a heck of a winter in Michigan and it was time for some new wiper blades again. After reviewing Consumer Reports recommendations and reading several other reviews, I decided to try the Valeo 600 series. I was looking for an all around good traditional style blade as opposed to the flexible Goodyear blade, and this sounded like it would be a good choice.

I ordered a pair for about $25 on Amazon (unfortunately I was unable to find the Valeo brand locally). Installation of the new blades was simple (getting the old ones off was a different story, probably because it was less than 5 degrees outside and my fingers were frozen!).

After putting the blades on, I immediately noticed an issue with the passenger side blade not contacting the windshield about 3-4 inches at the end of the blade. Since it was in the down position, I thought it might be due to the shape of the windshield and that the wipers might contact the windshield as they move up. Nope,
that was not the case. During the first light snowfall after switching to the Valeo wipers, I noticed the passengers side left several inches uncleared. Frustrating.

And now just yesterday, during another light snowfall, the driver’s side wiper was unable to clear a good 50% of the area. Very disappointed as these wiper blades seemed to get decent reviews for show, with the understanding that these are not winter blades. I’m glad I kept the old blades, I’ll be switching back to the Goodyear’s until I have the chance to go out and get some new ones.

I think I may try the Rain X Latitude next time, or possibly go with a true winter blade. Any suggestions?

Also curious to know if there are any other Honda Accord owners out there with similar issues with the driver’s side wiper blade pulling water back toward the field of view and whether a certain wiper blade reduces or eliminates it altogether.

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